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Good Gracious has been working with reptiles as a hobby since 1994 and professionally in both zoos and in the film and TV industry since 1998 (wrangling animals for the likes of Nick Cave, The Zutons, Klaxons, George Michael, Scissor Sisters and many more), establishing Snakes and Ladies (formerly Tabitha's Snakes and Ladies- named after her largest and favourite snake, Tabitha, a 22kg boa constrictor) in 2006 as an independent company providing glamorous costumed handlers and tame, licensed snakes for walkabout and stage performances at live events, private and corporate parties and for photographers and performers too, as well as providing animals and consult services for the TV and Film industry.


Over the years S&L have performed at Bizarre Magazine balls, the famous Cambridge University may balls, been featured in the Bizarre Magazine, Cambridge Edition, Mardi Gras Mag, a number of newspaper publications, and have shot with several acclaimed photographers including a Twitter/coffee table book project by Michael Hughes "Tweeter Street", and had a featuring role in a top ten music video for Benjamin Francis Leftwich for “Pictures”. Our more recent boasts include working on a DC movie, Fantastic Beasts, Midsommer Murders, ITV’s Harlotts and “Life” movie with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds.


We aspire to exceptional quality of service to help our clients realise their artistic visions while maintaining the highest levels of animal welfare and safety, delivering excellence and experience with a smile to make sure the needs of both client and animals are met at all times.


We have developed close working relationships with some fantastic organisations and artistic communities, most notably collaborating with Cambridge's own Neon Moon Burlesque and Cabaret Club, where we have regularly featured in the line-up of these fabulous quarterly events both with and without animals. We also previously worked regularly with Inspired Life, an organisation working closely with communities and in schools encouraging children to explore their full potential, life dreams and aspirations, building confidence, environmental awareness and life skills. We have also "cured" scores of fears and phobias both during regular performance and filming workshops and through targeted phobia coaching workshops and built up a large following of new snake (and tarantula) enthusiasts along the way!


We’re not just limited to snakes- our current walkabout characters include the spooky Birdwoman, Absinthe Fairies, Mardi Gras Madmoselles and Baroque Cupids for interactive entertainment at events and we also have a huge selection of creepy crawly creatures available for photography and film shoots, please ask for a stock list!