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Learn how to feel in control again by booking a private consultation to learn how to overcome your snake, spider, frog or rat phobia with carefully managed introductions headed by our experienced phobia specialist, who can either visit you in your home, or you can come to our base for your session. If you prefer additional moral support, make a group booking! Sessions typically last 60-90 minutes and usually only one session is required, but follow up sessions of 30 minutes can be booked at a discounted rate if required.


We offer several levels of phobia coaching experience for arachnophobics. In addition for follow up discount sessions, serious arachnophobics can book a “Level Two” experience during which they can learn to confidently work with, and handle, domestic house spiders- a very useful skill to have in the home!



“Face your fears” presentations and workshops are a unique and unforgettable experience for corporate team building events and functions, featuring giant snakes, tarantulas and giant toads.


Let our phobia coach introduce and explain phobias and how to face them with a live stage demonstration and be amazed by the results!


Follow up with chances for guests to meet and greet the “scary” animals after the demonstration.

We can cater for a variety of animal phobias, including arachnophobia (fear of spiders), ophidiophobia (fear of snakes), anuraphobia (fear of toads and frogs) and also rat phobias.


If you are a model or photographer with anxieties, S&L can provide “bolt on” phobia coaching sessions prior to your shoot to ensure everyone is comfortable working with the animals.


If you are simply fed up with being afraid or having people tease you about your phobias, book a private consultation for carefully managed introductions with our specialist phobia coach.


If you are a corporate events organiser looking for something exciting or different to include as a team building activity, this could be right up your street!


Fears and phobias typically stem from your “inner caveman” trying to protect you, but in many cases, these natural instincts are reinforced by particular experiences, usually early in childhood, that can cause ongoing distress for sufferers’ subjected to certain stimuli, such as live snakes or spiders , or even images of these animals. Your inner caveman can be re-trained through carefully managed introductions, using basic psychology and “flooding” techniques. The only condition in overcoming any phobia is that the subject must be willing and determined to banish their fears.


Our phobia specialist carries a degree in animal behaviour, teaching qualifications, and a 100% success rate and has been featured in numerous publications, represented BIAZA zoos, presented and phobia coached at many live corporate events and even been on TV banishing phobias for science-based magazine shows!


All animals used for phobia sessions are fully trained, experienced, of mild temperament, licensed and fully insured for purpose