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If you are a photographer or photography club…


We are available for editorial shoots as well as macro and fashion photography and workshops. We Snakes, reptiles, amphibians and all manner of bugs and creepy crawlies can be hired to work with your own props, sets and models, fully supported, or shot with their own handlers, with a wide choice of costume themes.


We keep and breed many of our exotic animals all of which are tame, trained, licensed and used to people and working in studio settings.


The advantage of using this service is fully trained, tame and insured animals for your own comfort and safety, and all the joy of working with animals without the costs, administration and hassle of acquiring your own animals, or those from potentially less reputable sources. Furthermore, if you or your models are anxious about working with the animals themselves, then additional coaching sessions can be added on as a “bolt on” service for your confidence and peace of mind.

If you are a production company or filmmaker…


You can be assured of professional service including all aspects of safety on and around set and actors required to handle or work alongside animal will receive training, coaching and full support at all times and we endeavour to help you meet your needs and objectives to the very best of our ability while maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare. Our animals can be used both on sets and on locations (weather/temperature permitting) and we are happy to work along-side film vets and American Humane Society representatives on set and can also provide advice and consultation services to help you make the best choices in terms of animal selection and actions.


Our animals travel in secure, appropriate containers, with their own mobile heating systems and life support equipment, and remain accompanied by one of our professional handlers at all times whether boxed, resting or at work .

Did you know that by law, any animal used for any type of commercial activity (including photography, filming and education) must be covered by a performing animals licence, and animal transport certification? By hiring Snakes and Ladies you can be certain of fully trained, tame, certified and licensed animals for you and your guests comfort and safety, not to mention public liability insurance covering persona and property up to 5 million pounds. Plus, we can provide accompanying risk assessments to help simplify the organisation of your event.


We understand that you may be shopping around to find the best options for you- please be sure to ask other companies and performers that they are fully licensed and covered before you hire!


The S&L team have many years’ experience working in film and photography studios both in front of and behind the camera and are equipped to provide skilled and professional service for all your shooting needs.