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Animal welfare is core in everything we do at Snakes and Ladies and the well-being of our animals will not be compromised at any time.


All of our animals are ethically sourced, where possible home bred, and frequently from rescue or rehoming backgrounds. Animals are carefully assessed on an individual basis to make sure their personalities and individual experiences and health make them suitable for any types of work they undertake. No animal is forced to do anything it does not want to do, or partake in any activity that causes it stress or discomfort. Where possible, more than one animal will be employed for more demanding assignments in order to allow more rest breaks if required.


Each animal undergoes extensive training (termed “habituation” and “desensitisation”) to accustom it to handling, travelling, meet and greet scenarios and studio and location environments, thereby minimising stress when working on assignments. Any animals not deemed suitable to particular situations are not assigned to these types of work.


Animals are always transported and displayed in suitable, secure facilities and when not in use, their permanent housing is comprised of professional quality set ups providing for all of their individual environmental and dietary requirements, in compliance with RSPCA and BIAZA standards and guidelines. The director has also worked as an active member of BIAZA Reptile and Amphibian Working Group that functions to set and regulate the highest standards of husbandry and welfare in zoos.


All Snakes and Ladies handlers are fully trained, experienced animal professionals with relevant qualifications and therefor able to monitor and respond to animals physical and psychological states at all times- before, during and after any engagement.


Handlers reserve the right to remove an animal from display or work, allow and initiate time outs and rest breaks, or if necessary, terminate a contract at any time on the grounds of an animal’s safety or well-being being brought into question. Situations that may compromise an animal’s wellbeing are avoided.


Snakes and Ladies take animal welfare extremely seriously. If you have any questions or queries regarding animal welfare, please do not hesitate to contact us.